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WATCH: General Hospital's Tamara Braun and Briana Nicole Henry Talk Wedding, Social Unrest, and Work

Tamara Braun, Briana Nicole Henry, General Hospital

Tamara Braun, Briana Nicole Henry

General Hospital's Tamara Braun (ex-Kim) interviewed former castmate Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan) for Extra. The two discussed her wedding during a pandemic, current events, and GH's impending return to production.

Braun kicked off by wondering how Henry managed a wedding during COVID and lockdown. Henry said,

We called our parents and we were like so we're getting married on June 6th, we're still figuring it out. No I don't have a dress, no he doesn't know what he's going to wear. Our goal was like get married and make sure no one walks away with COVID-19.

Henry revealed her father is a white cop, which prompted Braun to ask,

How have the conversations with your father been?

Henry responded,

He's a great cop, but even with him we've had some difficult conversations. We talk about specific cases and you know ways he trying to have me understand where the cop is coming from and me being like you have to understand where the human on the other end of that cop is coming from.

Henry, who plays a cop on GH, hopes the show will take advantage of the opportunity to tell the story our country is experiencing, but admitted she "can't control what GH does."

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On the topic of work Braun asked,

Do you know anything about when you might be going back?

Henry responded,

I think we were planning to go back in the middle of July. Just as production was staring to rev up for a bunch of these shows, cases had spiked.

On a lighter note, Braun approached the subject of how soaps were creatively working in loves scenes, Henry said she heard all the rumors and added,

Maybe we can lay off love scenes for a couple of months.

Check out Henry's June wedding photos below:

Watch the full interview below: