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Steve Burton Looks Back on His 30-Plus-Year Career in Soaps

Steve Burton, General Hospital

Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital) has been in the soap game for over 30 years. He looked back on his storied career recently with Soap Opera Digest.

He joined Days of Our Lives as Harris in 1988, reflecting:

 Being on DAYS was just a new experience for me. It was really exciting. It was over at Sunset Gower, which I had auditioned [at] hundreds of times. That was a time when, I don’t want to say the heyday of soaps [but] I feel the late ’80s and early ’90s-to-mid-’90s was a good time for soap operas. Stephen Nichols [Steve] was there and Mary Beth [Evans, Kayla] and Billy Warlock [ex-Frankie]. I mean, it was all those guys. My first real introduction to soap operas was DAYS OF OUR LIVES. It was cool. Everybody was nice. It was fun. It wasn’t easy. And I still couldn’t act!

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What about his turn on GH, starting in 1991? He recalled that he was a bit intimidated at

No, there was actually a stretch where I didn’t want to audition anymore for soaps for some weird reason. I was testing a lot for TV series, auditioning for movies a lot. Soap operas were just really not on my radar at all…. And it wasn’t even for a contract role. It was for recur- ring at the time. [My] first day I walk in and you have the security guard and then you make a left and you go down the hallway, where all the dressing rooms are, but [there’s] a door there and that door was shut. So I’m at the security guard, which is, you know, 7 feet away, and the doors kick open and it’s Tony Geary [ex-Luke], pissed off. I’m like, 'Okay. Welcome to GENERAL HOSPITAL! I’m not going to say a word.' That was my motive for like the first four years. I was like, 'Don’t make eye contact with producers, [then- Executive Producer] Gloria Monty. Just go to your room and do your job and shut up.' And that’s what I did.