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Christian LeBlanc, Tracey Bregman Explain Their Characters' Enduring "Likey" Love

Christian LeBlanc, Tracey Bregman

The Young and the Restless' dynamic duo Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) and Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore Baldwin) sat down with TV Insider during "Baldwin-Fisher Week" to discuss their characters' long-lasting love. Reformed criminal Michael and department store diva Lauren seemed an unlikely pairing, but their chemistry - and their marriage - endures to this day.

Their love story began in a roundabout way: Michael's half-brother, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart), was obsessed with Lauren. Big Brother came by to help, and sparks flew between the legal eagle and the vixen. Bregman shared:

Christian and I were working together because Kevin had a crush or obsession with Lauren. That’s how the friendship developed between them, but we wanted something more, to be together on the show. I went and talked to Jack Smith [then, co-executive producer/head writer] about it. He wasn’t up for it. We thought maybe we’ll just play it anyway. Then, he saw it, said we were right, and proceeded to write us this beautiful love story.

LeBlanc concurred, noting how fleshing out Michael's family has made him a more interesting character:

It fit into the storyline so well. Michael had been alone. That was his story. It’s nice when they find a reason why Michael did hide his past. In real-life, I have a huge family, and then the show came up with a wonderful reason why Michael hid his family. Kevin’s obsession with Lauren brought Michael into her life, but what sealed the deal was that Lauren saved her brother when hew as in jail. Michael was going to sell everything he had [to get him out]. Lauren, instead, paid the bail. That was a key, the key, I feel.

Later, they gave Michael a mother, father, and stepfather to share why he may not think the best of women, but Michael changed [because of Lauren]. There were so many gifts. They have layered on and kept it consistent.

Lauren later got pregnant and gave birth to their son, leading to LeBlanc to jest of her fake pregnancy belly:

I had a fetish with that stomach.