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Brad Bell Dishes "Bold and Beautiful" Dolls: “I Didn’t Quite Expect the Reaction"

Brad Bell

The Bold and the Beautiful head writer/executive producer Brad Bell has earned headlines in recent months over the show's innovative approach to dealing with COVID-19: using blow-up dolls or mannequins and stand-ins. As B&B returns on July 20, Bell opened up to Soap Opera Digest about the public reaction to the tactics and updates fans on anti-COVID precautions.

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Bell admitted he wasn't really prepared for the intensity of coverage he's received. He shared:

I didn’t quite expect the reaction. They’re all kind of innocent tricks of the trade. We’re doing the [doll] body doubles as basically props to get that proximity that we need.

But he's been staying busy, sharing that he, co-head writer Michael Minnis, and their team penned 50-ish episodes together during quarantine. And B&B is staying vigilant to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Bell added:

We’re [coronavirus] testing every week. We’re resuming our full schedule. We feel like we’re television pioneers all over again, which is a great feeling. There’s an energy on the stage that we can do this and we can be safe and that life goes on and soaps go on. To be the first one back, there’s an added sense of responsibility, but we’re determined to make it work and make it work safely and successfully. The mood is great even before the Emmy wins. The team is enthusiastic. It feels very good.