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Whoopi Goldberg Looks Back on Ghost's Thirtieth Anniversary


The View's Whoopi Goldberg is reflecting on the thirtieth anniversary of Ghost, for which she won an Oscar. The film was groundbreaking in its own right, she remembered.

In an interview with Deadline, Goldberg discussed a recent Forbes article that dismissed Ghost as the "forgotten blockbuster":

When I was reading it and reading how much money it brought in, and how it had been bigger than all these other movies, I thought, but (Forbes) is doing the same thing other people have done. They sort of denigrated the fact that this was a terrific movie, and it was also really funny too, and in part, I did that. And we were a very mixed cast, and it makes you wonder, you know, 30 years later, was it because we were a mixed cast that nobody wanted to celebrate it, the way that, you know, had it been any other cast that happened to be maybe all white, people might’ve celebrated it?

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Many classic films are now being screened at drive-in theaters (to allow for social distancing). Goldberg stated that her repertoire should be more widely represented in these circumstances. She said:

I hate to be an egotistical little thing, but I feel like I’ve been in several movies that should be in drive-ins, sort of renaissance of how to appreciate films. Would it have been different if I had been short and cute and blond? Would it have been different, or am I looking at things from a perspective of today, you know? I just thought, it made me sad that he called us a movie that people forgot, or whatever. I thought, ‘Well, you’re the reason, because you’re treating it like it was something odd as opposed to a really great movie that came out of nowhere, and captured people’s imaginations, and we didn’t have a superhero.