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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sally and Penny Rope Flo To the Radiator!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katrina Bowden

After being gone for a couple of months, The Bold and the Beautiful returned July 20 with a new-ish episode, which brought the audience up to speed as Katie and Zoe filled Carter in on all the haps he missed while he was misfiling paperwork. 

July 21st marked the first full episode that progressed stories. Let's get into it . . .

A shot of Steffy's beach house. I've missed that beach house.

Steffy and Liam spend a lot of time together doting on little Kelly and sort of talking about Hope. Liam seems to be worried about Steffy having a fulfilling life . . . did she ask?

Side Note: Liam got SWOLE!

Bill and Katie are sitting around talking about Sally and Wyatt. Bill is done with this conversation in 3, 2, 1 . . . He thinks Katie has a big heart . . . Stormy mention (everybody drink!). This conversation goes downhill fast for Bill as Katie is done and wants them to tell Will his parents are now separated. 

Side Note: Tom and Diamont are freakin gold. GOLD. 

Wyatt walks into an empty, but wrecked house. He has no clue what happened.

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Side Note: It is good to know that the more things change, the more Wyatt remains just as clueless as he ever was. 

Sally, Penny, and Flo are here to provide comic relief with a side of kidnapping. Sally and Penny spend most of the scene trying not to trip over a comatose Flo. Wyatt calls and is relieved to hear that Sally and her sickly voice are okay. 

Just then, Flo begins to stir. Before Penny can stop her, Sally lets Flo in on the assault and kidnapping. 

OMG, Flo has been tied to the radiator! 

OMG, Sally is totally not going to untie her. 

Really, really? Did Flo just call Sally a criminal? I can't . . .

Sally seems to be losing it here as she tells Penny and Flo that she's measuring her cycle with an app, and happens to be ovulating. Yikes!

Side Note: Hope and Ruiz paired together is a breath of fresh air. MORE!

That's it! What did you think about Tuesday's episode! Sound off in the comments!