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WATCH: Josh Swickard and Wife Lorynn York Discuss Filming Their Upcoming Holiday Movie

Josh Swickard, Loyrnn York

General Hospital star Josh Swickard (Chase) is currently filming holiday flick A California Christmas with a special co-star: wife Lorynn York. He discussed making his new project in California's Sonoma County with KRON 4 about working with COVID-19 restrictions.

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Having a married couple as the stars makes things much easier, Swickard shared. The pair actually met on a previous Afshar production. He noted:

So being opposite my wife is, one it’s a dream because I get to act with my wife and two we don’t have to worry about some of the close proximity stuff because we are in close proximity off set. 

Added producer Ali Afshar:

They can get close. They can kiss. They can hold hands. It’s tremendously positive because imagine getting two stranger actors doing it. They probably wouldn’t even be comfortable doing it. We probably wouldn’t even ask them to do that.

York, a writer/producer on the film, observed that other producers have heard of her experience. They have asked her for tips on how to manage COVID-19 regulations while filming.

Watch the segment below.