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WATCH: Multi-Soap Alum Jeff Branson Stars in Clever New Kia Ad

Jeff Branson

Multi-soap alum Jeff Branson is zooming to infinity and beyond in a clever new ad from Kia. The so-called "Features Film" highlights the various attributes of Kia vehicles while spoofing summer blockbuster films. 

Branson plays a getaway driver who's on the run from the Mob. And what better way to flee than in (eight models of) a speedy Kia? David&Goliath executive creative director Mark Koelfgen told Muse by Clio:

We thought it would be a nice compliment to the summer blockbuster season. We had no idea that would get turned on its head. Yet, given the appetite for content right now, it feels well timed. The intent of the assignment was to create short, one-off demos for each feature, and serve it to in-market shoppers. But strung together with a narrative, the spot became something much larger.

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Watch the full film below.