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Kristian Alfonso Weighs In On Flop Romantic Pairings and How She Will Exit Days of Our Lives

Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso

They say lightning strikes twice for some people, but that didn't happen for departing Days of Our Lives actress Kristian Alfonso. The veteran thespian is sounding off on the doomed pairings her character, Hope Williams Brady, has endured during her years on the long-running soap once the love of Fancy Face's life, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), died in 2015.

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In the August 3 edition of Soap Opera Digest, Alfonso discusses the post-Bo love interests Hope had, and what she thought worked well and what didn't.

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SOD: Do you think the show had trouble finding a pairing for Hope after Bo?

Alfonso: I thought Aiden [Daniel Cosgrove] and Hope worked really well together. I think the audience enjoyed the coupling. But then they turned him to the dark side and they made him into a dirty character. I mean, even when they brought him back, how could Hope once again be with him? And then they had him trying to kill her. The pairing with Galen [Gering; Rafe] worked but the minute they had him sleep with Sami [Alison Sweeney] I mean, game over, basically. They didn't let his character have a moment before jumping into bed with Sami. Not even 12 hours! You blinked and he was in bed with Sami. It was bizarre [laughs]. I don't think Hope and Rafe ever even went out on a date.

Just how is Hope exiting the canvas?

SOD: You indicated in your statement that you have already filmed your final episode.

Alfonso: I did film my final episode. Because this was just only decided, nothing was planned in terms of story. My last episode will air, as of right now, October 15.

SOD: How do you feel about the fact that you haven't gotten a proper send-off? Would you have wanted a bigger good-bye?

Alfonso: I would have liked to have given the fans that have been so devoted to DAYS OF OUR LIVES all these years a final goodbye and not, 'Oh, she's out looking for someone,' or 'She's upstairs cleaning her room,' or 'She's taken a trip.'