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WATCH: Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey Discuss Fan Love, Tease "Another Surprise"

Sal Stowers, Lamon Archey

Days of Our Lives actors Sal Stowers (Lani) and Lamon Archey (Eli) recently spoke with Spectrum News 1's Melvin Robert about the importance of soap escapism and some upcoming surprises.

Stowers agreed with Robert that soaps are a great diversion for fans during COVID-19. She shared, per Soap Hub:

It’s honestly been really wonderful having so much love from the fans. It’s really important that you showcase all love stories no matter what race you are. With soaps being on the air, so many people connect to them and relate to them. It’s an escape from your reality. Even in these given times we are in right now, to turn on the TV and watch a soap and get lost in the drama and the love stories, it’s kind of what we all need right now.

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Asked what's coming up, Archey teased:

There’s another surprise. ‘Elani’ seems to always have a surprise up their sleeves, so there is a surprise coming that they can expect soon, I believe, Sal.

Watch the "Elani" interview below.