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WATCH: Victoria Rowell Shares Tips on Repurposing Household Items with Good Morning America

Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla Winters, The Young and the Restless) is hosting the Urban Movie Channel's new home renovation show, Trash vs Treasure. The veteran actress shared her tips for recycling household items and staying budget-friendly with Good Morning America.

When asked by Amy Robach what inspired her to create the show, Rowell answered:

All of my foster mothers and my mentors who raised me, who had limited budgets and they shared what they had with me. They all were designers in their own way and one of my fist experiences in interior designing was my foster mother on our 200-year-old farm allowing me to redecorate our woodshed, Amy.

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Showing off a beautiful table with two place settings, Rowell then surprised by revealing:

This is an ironing board, Amy, okay? And it can be made into a dining table, a luncheon table, a breakfast table. This is set up for two people. You can use a scarf, a runner, a sheet, even, for your tablecloth. I zhuzh-ed it up with some tablecloths from Goodwill. Goodwill, don’t sleep on Goodwill, Amy. And you can put your hot food on the very end. This table can seat for people. 

Watch the segment below for more advice.