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"Cursed" Director Zetna Fuentes Recalls Getting Her Start in Daytime

Ex-One Life to Live and Guiding Light director Zetna Fuentes has helmed and executive produced the opening episodes of Netflix's new Arthurian fantasy Cursed. She sat down with Monsters and Critics to discuss her career evolution, including her start in daytime.

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Asked about her showbiz mentors, Fuentes shared:

Well, thank you for asking. I think for me, my early, early mentors and directing [accomplished theater director] Kevin Kittle and [Daytime Emmy winner] Brian Mertes. I am forever grateful for every single thing that they taught me about craft.

And they are two sort of titan theater directors that just took me under their wing. And Brian Mertes was also working in daytime television. And he’s the one who got me into [soap] Guiding Light and I’m forever grateful and we’re still in touch.

She also delved into the challenges facing female directors and directors of color, noting:

 You know, I think it is a daunting club to breach. That’s a fact. But I am very optimistic that it is getting a bit easier because of the incredible work that many, many women and directors of color have done before me and I’m standing on their shoulders and that the door is slightly opening now.

Because of this need for fresh ideas, fresh points of view, and new talent. I am hopeful that that door is going to continue to open up wide and that people will be able to slam through them.