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WATCH: Mishael Morgan and Bryton James Enter "Hevon" with Their Fans

Mishael Morgan, Bryton james

The Young and the Restless' Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) and Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair; ex-Hilary Curtis) held an Instagram Live chat with their fans. They talked "Hevon" and reflected on some special moments.

One excerpt saw them looking back on Morgan's real-life pregnancies coinciding with her "Hevon" weddings on-screen:

MM: But the funny thing is, both times that I got married to you on the show, I was pregnant.

BJ: Oh my God.

MM: Yes, both times I got married.

BJ: Not to be a downer, but you [Hilary] had lost the baby.

MM: Yes, that’s true. Oh, well, I mean, Mishael was pregnant both times.

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BJL: Oh, yeah; that’s right.

MM: Mishael was pregnant both times but Hilary was only pregnant one time. But then yeah, I guess Hilary was never pregnant [for long].

BJ: Yeah, I completely forgot Naliyah [Morgan's daughter]--when we did your, did Hilary’s outside ultrasound--

MM: That was Naliyah.

BJ: That was actually your belly.

MM: You could actually see Naliyah in it.

James revealed he kept Devon's cochlear implant as a souvenir and that he prefers the pairing of Amanda and Billy (Jason Thompson) over Amanda and Nate (Sean Dominic). Discussing Amanda vs. Hilary, Morgan mused:

And I feel like with Amanda and Devon, they're actually pretty similar. They’re more alike than I think Hilary and Devon were, in terms of their backstory and stuff, so that would be interesting, so we’ll see what happens.

Watch the full live-stream below.