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Tom Pelphrey Looks Back at Guiding Light "Role Models" Kim Zimmer, Ron Raines

Tom Pelphrey

Tom Pelphrey is being highly touted as a 2020 Emmy hopeful, but while looking forward, he's also looking back to where he got his start: on Guiding Light. He shared what working on the soap taught him with TV Fanatic.

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Pelphrey reflected:

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Yeah, got it right out of school. To be making some money, it was huge to have a job like that, was such a confidence builder.

He added:

This is something that you're new to, and you're sort of looking around to learn how to be. You're sort of looking at the people around you and sussing out what the acceptable behavior is.

On Guiding Light, in particular, I felt like I had some really amazing role models. Kim Zimmer [Reva] and Ron Raines [Alan] and just these real professionals who were always super prepared, always on time, extremely generous with the people around them, and kind, and team players. I think that was a really important part of what I learned from Guiding Light.

And then in a real sort of practical sense in high school and college, studying acting was always theater. So with Guiding Light, I was suddenly getting paid to learn how to be in front of the camera and learn how to be on the set and learn how to prepare for that style of working, which is very different than in theater, where you have the rehearsal process, obviously, and then you're running the show live.

So Guiding Light taught me so many things that I guess you would consider sort of basic. It was a great place to learn.