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WATCH: Drew Barrymore Teases What's to Come on Upcoming Talk Show

The Drew Barrymore Show is getting ready to premiere this fall. The one-hour, syndicated chatfest is debuting a digital line-up before the show officially hits the airwaves on September 14, per Deadline.

The pre-air online content will include the behind-the-scenes The Making Of The Drew Barrymore Show; The Art of the Interview, AKA conversations with talk show hosts like Whoopi Goldberg and Andy Cohen who inspired Barrymore; and #DrewsMovieNite, in which the star watches fan-favorite flicks alongside its actors. She will also open up about her favorite foods and recipes with a guest in Drew's Cookbook Club.

Barrymore shared:

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I’m really looking forward to this digital world we are about to bring you into. A series that’s very near and dear to me is called, ‘The Making Of…’ I have been on this show journey for a year. We started in 2019, it is now 2020, a very different year. And what that year-long journey has been like, where were we, where are we now and how did we get to where we are going. I’m really looking forward to telling you that, in a storytelling way.

Check out a special message from Barrymore below.