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Al Roker on His New Book's Message: "Well-Meaning Plans Have All Gone Out the Window"

The Today Show's Al Roker is releasing his 13th book, You Look So Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success. He chatted with TV Insider about how giving up a "five-year plan" has proved integral in his success - and how the world is having to do the same.

He shared:

That's the point, in a sense, of the book, which is people make these five year plans. And if I had told you in January that in July we would be in the middle of the worst global pandemic in more than a hundred years, that our economy would be struggling, and that there would be a civil and social reckoning that we haven't seen since the 1960s, all together, I don't think anybody would believe it. But that's what's happened. And people's plans, well-laid plans, well-meaning plans have all gone out the window, and we've had to reinvent.

Roker has found that flexibility is key in his own career. He added:

I had no plans of being on television. I didn't consider it, didn't think about it. When I looked in the mirror in college, I was already losing my hair, I was chunky, I had glasses, and I was black. In 1974, that was not a recipe for, 'Hey, you want to be on TV?' But I wanted to be in television. I wanted to work in TV, not on TV. But when my department chairman wanted me to audition for it, I said, 'Yes, why not? What's the worst that would happen, I didn't get the job? Oh, well.'