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Victoria Rowell Muses on Drucilla's Fate, Calls Scarcity of Black Writers "an Abomination"

Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla Winters, The Young and the Restless) discussed her fan-favorite character's possible fate recently with What happened to Drucilaafter she went over that cliff years ago? 

Asked about whether or not Dru is alive and if she'd be interested in returning to the show, Rowell replied:

She never died. The character[‘s fate] was left nebulous and open-ended. There was an attempt to replace the character in a variety of ways, to the outrage of the audience. It’s largely [senior executive vice-president, programming, Sony Pictures Television] Steven Kent’s call, because Sony owns 51 percent of the show. And he doesn’t see it as a creative direction he wants to go in, as he’s said.

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Rowell reflected on her long-running fight for diversity in daytime and where it could go in the future, adding:

I loop back to Viacom/CBS CEO George Cheeks, the board of directors and the NAACP, which just papered a multi-year deal with Viacom/CBS — I hope they will include daytime soap operas in the conversation. We’re looking at an aggregate of 80 years — 47 years of Young and Restless and 33 years of The Bold and the Beautiful, with zero Black ownership of soap operas, zero Black executives on those soap operas. I am proud to have the rich history I have with Viacom/CBS, but it’s not enough to have one or two Black writers in 80 years. It’s an abomination. You have Victoria Rowell who loves the show, loves the network, dedicated my career to it, and yet no one wants to have the substantive conversation about one of the oldest forms of entertainment, still enduring, on our broadcast networks.