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WATCH: Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, and Camryn Grimes Look Back on Cassie's Death

The Young and the RestlessJoshua Morrow (Nick), Sharon Case (Sharon), and Camryn Grimes (Mariah; ex-Cassie) sat down in an interview with Michael Fairman TV to discuss the hauntingly moving episode in which Cassie died. That memorable moment aired this past week as part of a focus on the Newman family.  The actors shared some moving memories and insights of making the deathbed scenes.

Morrow remembered:

I was, like, incredibly proud of it. You know, it’s obviously sensitive material to say and try and do and I just remember at that time, I was basically going out every weekend and doing autograph signings. And what you [Fairman] said about your dad really rings true; there'd be the most strongest-looking dude you've ever seen in your life who would d come up to me and just give me a hug. 'You know that it was like it was pretend. Cammy’s great.'

And they were just really torn up about it and the fan mail from, like, prisoners writing in about how impacting the story was--at the time, I didn’t see the depth of what we were trying to do. But, like I said, you feel it later on, you feel how it touched different people. It was without a doubt the work I’m most proud of and also the most sad about. I remember when were were shooting it, you couldn’t’ hear a pin drop on a very noisy soundstage.

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Case chimed in:

I thought the editing was amazing; the lighting, everything, was so beautifully done. I loved the slow-mo. I loved when Joshua was signing, I loved how that was framed. It just captured everything so beautifully. 

And Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) lended her skills to the scene, too. Case remembered:

But I think Melody told me that she either assisted or had a lot to say about the editing. She got involved; she was so moved by the storyline, of course all of us were, and she was partially involved in the edit.

Watch the full chat below.