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Vivica A. Fox Talks Working with Fellow Soap Alums on "The Wrong" Movie Franchise

Vivica A Fox

Multi-soap alum Vivica A. Fox is still helming LMN's successful "Wrong" franchise, having executive produced and starred in all 17 of its movies. This summer sees the debut of four new "Wrong" flicks. Fox spoke with about the longevity of the series and working with fellow soap alums in her movies.

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The "Wrong" movies keep getting even more right! Fox mused:

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I love making these movies—I'm heavily involved with casting, wardrobe, script. They keep getting better and better. I now have actors hitting me up like, 'Hey girl, I wouldn't mind being in one of your Wrong movies.' It's gotten notoriety.

Fox enjoys the creative freedom, adding:

I get a chance to work with young actors and seasoned seasoned actors, like Jackée Harry [ex-Lily Mason, Another World] She always comes and works with us. She loves that she can play different roles that she normally wouldn't get cast in. As well as myself—I get to cast myself in roles that they don't normally cast me in.

When people think of Vivica A Fox, they don't really think of the principal. Here, I just get to play the principal, the detective, the girl next door. If there's a role in there that I want to do, I get to cast myself.

And there are lessons to be learned by watching the films. She reflected on The Wrong Stepfather, airing on July 31 at 8 PM EST:

There's always a subtle message, to be very honest with you. Teaching women not to trust people so easily, not to go into relationships. Take The Wrong Stepfather. Krista Allen [ex-Billie Reed, Days of Our Lives] plays my friend in the movie. She's a recent divorcée, and she just jumps right into a relationship against the wishes of her daughter, who's like, "Mom, something about this guy just doesn't feel right."