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Guiding Light Grad Frank Grillo Discusses Paleo Pizza Problems on the Set of "Billions"

Guiding Light grad Frank Grillo (ex-Hart) opened up about joining hit show Billions in a chat with Inside Hook. He also dished on Netflix acquiring his one-time MMA drama, Kingdom.

Grillo plays a different type of character on Billions: artist Nico Tanner. He dished:

I am there to help move the story along, and get to add what I can to this amazing ensemble. I have to say I had a ball. I really enjoyed playing him too, because coming from living in New York, I know people like him. These painters who say that they don’t care if they ever sell a piece of work and that they don’t want to be famous. There are actors like that too, and honestly, some of them are so full of shit. So I got to play that guy.

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He also made the crew members work a bit harder when it came to some pizza-centric scenes:

Funny story, before filming they ask me if I have any allergies. I ask why, and the explanation is that there is a scene where I eat pizza with Axelrod [Damian Lewis]. But I am paleo. I love pizza, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I can’t eat the gluten because it will make me sick. So I asked if they could get me pizza with either almond flour or any flour that isn’t regular flour. They had to chase down an artisan pizza maker who makes his pies paleo. I think they were a little pissed off about the extra work. I just hoped they don’t think I was just trying to be a pain in the ass. I will say the pizza that they did eventually end up getting was amazing.

Grillo is also excited about his MMA-centric drama on Netflix now airing again: Kingdom. He shared:

The fact is we worked so hard on this show, and really did everything we could to try to portray what life is like inside the world of MMA. So it getting to be seen by so many new people is a really exciting prospect. I am so pumped. I felt that this show was the opportunity of lifetime for me, because of my personal attachment to the world of MMA, having trained and practiced since I was young. Byron Balasco wrote a great show, and when he brought in training legend Greg Jackson, the scripts got even better.