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Guiding Light's Wendy Moniz Talks Filming "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner, Soap Start

wendy moniz

Wendy Moniz

Guiding Light alum Wendy Moniz (ex-Dinah) is starring opposite Kevin Costner on the new season of Yellowstone. She spoke with Monsters and Critics about working with the Oscar winner and getting her start on soaps.

Of working with Costner, Moniz reflected:

It is a privilege to work with him. He’s obviously he’s a great actor, but he’s a famous director too, and so he is really someone that gets it all, gets in there and talks about it, and is playful and collaborative.

I think that the more that was written for us, the more you got to see that we had and that we gelled and worked well together… and that there was that chemistry there.

So it was a pleasant surprise, I think for us too, we had a lot of fun together with those scenes.

Moniz also looked back on her start in soaps and what GL taught her. She said:

And I’ll tell you, I learned a lot… to be disciplined and when you have to turn out an episode a day, or whatever it was, it’s been a long time, we’re going back to the early nineties, but you had to turn out a lot.

And, God bless the writers for those shows. The writing was always tricky. So what I learned was to really take some time with the writing that was not as strong as it is now, when you go into primetime TV and working with other writers.

[In the soaps], you were talking a lot more and there was, it was the melodrama of it all. I had to learn how to take that and make it more nuanced and make it really real. And that was always a challenge.