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LISTEN: Yvonne Perry Talks Acting "Foundation" Gained on As the World Turns

Yvonne Perry

As the World Turns alum Yvonne Perry (ex-Rosanna) chatted with the Everything Theater podcast about her soap beginnings before going into theater. 

She attended a BFA program at Adelphi University, but growing up, reflected:

My goal was to be a working actor. I didn’t even know what that meant.

And starring on ATWT helped her round out her skill set, she noted:

I mean, I didn’t train to be a soap opera actress. I trained to be an actor, and so that gave me a foundation that I hope made me facile enough to make adjustments depending on the medium that I’m working in. But I will say that the techniques are different. Just like it’s not simple enough me to say 'a TV actor,' there’s a style of acting you use on soap operas.... 

She added:

I’m constantly learning new skills, new ways—you guys started this podcast because you're so interested what you’re doing, and you’re learning along the way. You taught yourself how to to this. We're good at that stuff, as artists. 

Listen to the full interview below.