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Perkie's Observations: Nina Throws Nelle Under the Bus On General Hospital

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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

Welcome back General Hospital fans!!

Martin questions Nina on the stand about Nelle. Nina testifies that Nelle is a compulsive liar and manipulator. Nina says Nelle blackmailed Julian into marrying her. Nelle interrupts to call Nina a bitch and goes on a rant about the Millow marriage. 

Diane puts Willow on the stand to question her marriage to Michael. Willow sings Michael's praises. 

Nelle complains to Martin that he didn't stop Willow's testimony. Julian points out that Nelle is the one who is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Nelle claims it showed the judge that she's passionate. 

Jax praises Nina for words on the stand. Nina feels badly.

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Olivia complains to Ned about Dante and how everyone has moved on. Ned is surprised when she says she feels alone. She says his focus has been on ELQ. Ned says he's trying to keep his family safe. Olivia says he's trying to keep the power. 

A rough looking Dante hangs out in a room with a pad and pencil. 

Laura comes to Portia's rescue when Cyrus gets into her face at the hospital. Portia complains to Laura about Taggert getting the short end of the stick. 

Laura questions Cyrus' interest in the hospital. She says she won't allow him to use the hospital to launder his drug money. Cyrus warns her to back off.

Brook Lynn meets Valentin and confronts him about getting her shares in ELQ. Valentin claims he'll make all the shareholders richer and kickstart her music career. 

Nina's playing with her heart locket when Nelle shows up to confront her. 

*Some of these scenes were clearly taped pre-pandemic, namely NOlivia sharing a kiss and everyone in the courthouse sitting shoulder to shoulder. Obviously the Dante stuff, him by himself in a room, would have been done more recently.*