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Jordi Vilasuso Recalls Managing Screaming Fans Amid His Rise to Fame

Jordi Vilasuso

The Young and the Restless' Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) chatted with Soap Opera Digest about his rise to daytime fame as Tony Santos on Guiding Light

He shared some of his GL "firsts" with SOD, including his first rehearsal:

I remember walking into this huge hall to rehearse because they didn’t rehearse on set. They used chairs to represent the furniture on set and we’d work things out with the director. The second thing I remember for my first day is that I was going to shoot two guns at the same time. I was fired up because I had never shot a gun before. Even though the guns shot blanks, there was a lot of safety to be considered. I don’t know if any of it really got through to me because I was so excited. When we shot it, I was jumping through the air, shooting two Glocks.

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His rise to fame came with some surprising reactions, Vilasuso admitted. He recalled of his first fan event:

I don’t really remember my very first one. They used to fly me to Sears all over the Midwest and put me in the women’s lingerie department with a stack of headshots that I would sign for two to three hours. I do remember the first one with the greatest number of attendees was in Pittsburgh. There was a long line outside of Sears. It was as if *NSYNC had shown up but it was all for Tony. I had to be escorted by security out of Sears because there was, I kid you not, a gang of cheerleaders who were screaming my name. It was something I had never experienced before.