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Port Charles Alum Nolan North Discusses Becoming an Iconic Video Game Voice

Port Charles alum Nolan North (ex-Chris Ramsey) has gone from soap star to vaunted video game voice artist. The man behind characters like Deadpool in Deadpool, Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed, and Nathan Drake in Uncharted, North was recently profiled in The Washington Post about what makes his voice so attractive.

According to the Post, linguists would label North's voice as "General American. Traditionally, its whose "accessibility" (often defined as white, male, and American) makes it saleable. North himself quipped:

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I don’t know why. Maybe my voice became popular because it was somewhat unremarkable.

As our world diversifies, will there be a place for a single voice to dominate the market? North reflected:

Wow, I’ve never thought about that. [pauses] No, I don’t know if it could because I think we’ve evolved too much.

North himself would love to pivot to, say, a car campaign. But for now, it sounds like he - or, at least, his voice - is sticking around.