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All My Children Alum Leven Rambin Dishes on "Assertive" Co-Star, Marvel Dreams

Leven Rambin

Leven Rambin (ex-Ava/Lily, All My Children) faces off with some major gangsters in her new flick, The Big Ugly. In an interview with Screen Rant, the actress shared her experiences with Vinnie Jones and superhero aspirations.

Of working with famed British tough guy Jones, Rambin recalled:

We talked about this unspoken kinship we felt towards each other, even though we're from completely opposite worlds and could not be more opposite in mostly every way. He wanted to make it really interesting, and he wanted to have fun, and he was very serious about the work when it was the work, but then he would laugh at himself and talk about how bad he thought that take was, it was cool. He was definitely humble, but also very confident and assertive. It was cool. It was fun to watch and be friends. I miss him a lot, actually.

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What's next for her? She'd love to become a superhero, saying:

Yeah, I want to do Marvel. Not a Marvel TV show, really, but a Marvel film. I want to be one of the... I've been close to being in Marvel movies.

Rambin also noted she "met with the Russo Brothers for Captain America."