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Brely Evans Shares How "Ambitions" Inspired Her Next Career Move

Brely Evans

Ambitions standout Brely Evans (Rondell Lancaster) spoke to Rolling Out about her next career move and how the series inspired her...musically!

Evans shared:

My producers were like it’s time to put some music out, and that’s exactly what we did. I recorded the song at home. I thought it wasn’t time to put it out lyrically, but they kept telling me, 'you are an inspiration to people, you’re speaking life, you’re speaking things into existence.” It’s called 'Ambitious' [because] there was no way I was coming off of a show [titled] 'Ambitions' that didn’t get picked up for a second season and not continue to be ambitious. I had to make that connection with the TV and the music. 

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But the seasoned performer isn't giving up on acting. She added:

I can experience 1,000 different situations in my one life being an actress. That means I lend myself completely to whatever situation this character is going through. I’m unashamed, and I don’t quit. Jamie Foxx told me once that 'when you kick fear in the a– is when you’re gonna blow up.' The more fearless I become, his words ring true.

Listen to her new track, "Ambitious," below.