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LISTEN: General Hospital's Eden McCoy Talks Josslyn Inheriting Carly's "Twist of Darkness"

Eden McCoy

General Hospital's Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks) sat down with The Chat podcast to discuss her character's maturation and her own growth on the soap.

Asked whether Josslyn will grow up to be more like hellcat mom Carly (Laura Wright) or corporate raider dad Jax (Ingo Rademacher), McCoy mused:

I mean, I would personally--as Eden--hope...I mean, I I love them both. You know I love them both, but I--we've seen a little bit, a lot of similarities in certain aspects between Josslyn's and Carly's characters in their ability to, like, they're so determined and they see what they want and they kind of go for it and [be] kind of bossy in a certain sense.

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But Carly’s past is so complex and dark compared to Josslyn’s, who’s had this wonderful, privileged upbringing and everyone around her loves her and would die for her. And that’s great, but Carly had just the opposite. It was a terrible situation with the parents and that’s what the origin of the character--the origins are very different. But I'm hoping--as I grow up and personally, it would just be so much fun--to kind of have that little twist of darkness for Josslyn and kind of that bad girl vibe inside. Because I mean, it really is—Carly was very naughty. Everyone knows.

She also reflected on the growing teen scene:

It’s been a wild ride, because I’ve really grown up on the show. So I’ve just been able, like all of you, to watch the transformation of--initially it just being me to a growing teen scene of adding on boys and now we have the wonderful Sydney [Mikayla, Trina]. And it’s been really cool to have been there since the beginning and I feel really honored because I remember it being, like, 2013, and I was like, 'Oh, I’m the only person my age on the show. All of the kids are younger than me.'

Listen to the full Chat below.