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Perkie's Observations: Monica Takes a Stand Against Cyrus On General Hospital

Leslie Charleson

Leslie Charleson

"Previously on General Hospital . . ." Sam behaves like a child, Alexis loses her license for reasons that make no sense, Jordan continues to be dumber than a box of rocks, and Sonny makes Mike's illness all about himself."

"The role of Sam McCall is temporarily being played by Lindsay Hartley."

Nelle yells at Nina for being mean on the witness stand, but Nina says it was her duty to tell the truth. Nelle blames everything on Carly, but Nina tells her to get her facts straight. Nina says Nelle is the one who sabotaged her relationship with Carly. Nelle calls Nina spoiled, saying she's done the same bad things, but has gotten away with them. Nina accuses Nelle of messing things up for herself by lying and manipulating everyone. 

Sam tells Alexis that she smacked Julian at the courthouse. Alexis figures out that Nelle is blackmailing Julian. Sam brings up Neil and doesn't understand why her mother is avoiding him. 

Martin worries that Brook Lynn will tell Ned about Valentin's shares, but Valentin is not concerned. Valentin wants information on who controls the children's shares. He thinks he can get Sam to give him the kids' voting proxies. 

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Cyrus throws his weight around at the hospital. Monica wants nothing to do with him. Cyrus tries to convince her that he's a good boy. Later, Cyrus tells Jordan he'll need her help to get the hospital. 

Brook Lynn is surprised at the fight between Olivia and Ned. Ned explains to Brook Lynn about the problems at ELQ and how they weigh on him. 

Olivia complains to Ned (again) that he's not there for her because of the company. Laura shows up to ask for Ned's help in keeping the hospital from falling into the wrong hands. Ned agrees to help. 

Brook Lynn meets with Valentin. She agrees to his condition to keep quiet about his dealings with ELQ. 

Sonny updates Carly on Mike's condition. Carly discusses it with Jason. She's concerned about Sonny and the lack of a DNR for Mike. Jason says he wants Carly to be in charge of his end of life decisions. Carly's not sure she's the right person, but Jason says he trusts her to do what he wants. 

Jason meets with Sam and tells her his decision. Sam is not happy. (Nothing against Kelly Monaco, but I really, really liked Lindsay's version of Sam.)