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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Faces a Painful Decision on General Hospital

Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

Sonny tells Carly the hospital will insert a feeding tube into Mike, which will give him more time. Carly tries to talk to him out of it, but he's not listening. After Sonny leaves, Carly tells Jason she's done research and there are torturous side effects. 

Sam runs into Neil and tears a strip off of him for ghosting Alexis. Neil is surprised to hear that Alexis has been disbarred. 

Willow worries about the custody verdict and whether they're being unfair to Nelle. Michael points out that she's already an hour late for her court-appointed visit. 

Nelle meets with Valentin to get the fake passports back from him. She warns if he doesn't give them to her, she'll let Michael know he's coming after ELQ. Valentin warns her not to try to kidnap Wiley again, then tells her where to find the documents. 

Diane updates Alexis on the custody case, then asks about Neil. Alexis says she hasn't heard from him and is moving on. Neil stops by to see Alexis and admits he's angry with himself for her losing her license. Alexis is not happy with him, despite his offer to be friends. 

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Sonny takes Mike to the hospital for his procedure. The doctor explains the risks involved, but Sonny only hears what he wants to hear.

Sonny runs into Felix, who mentions that Yvonne is at the hospital. Felix says Yvonne had a feeding tube inserted, which turned into one problem after another. Sonny sees Yvonne, who's now on a ventilator.

Valentin runs into Sam and has a proposal for her. He wants the kids' voting stock. Sam says they aren't for sale. Valentin says he knows about her issues with the parole officer and offers to help lift those conditions. Sam wonders what the catch is.

Nelle finally arrives for her visit with Wiley and is not happy when Millow explain he's napping. Nelle fights them on it for a moment, then makes a show of liking Wiley's stuffed kangaroo. When Nelle leaves, she shows us she put a tracker in the kangaroo so she knows where Wiley is. She also checks the fake passports. 

Liz checks in on Sonny, who mentions seeing Yvonne and the condition she's in. Sonny feels Mike would think he failed if he doesn't do anything for him. Liz says Mike's now a shell of a man and is suffering. 

Carly and Jason arrive. Sonny tells them he's changed his mind and will not do anything heroic for his father. Sonny says goodbye to Mike.