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Courtney Hope Re: Sally's Exit on The Bold and the Beautiful: "I Don't Believe It Was Fleshed Out"

Courtney Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful's Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) is speaking out on her departure on Aug. 5. Fans saw Sally finally get her comeuppance for pretending to die in order to snag Wyatt (Darin Brooks) from Flo (Katrina Bowden) and secure her job at Forrester Creations. Viewers were stunned to learn Sally did all these duplicitous things and it seems like Hope was as well. 

In an interview with TV Insider, Hope discusses Sally's scheming ways.

 TV Insider: Did you always know that Sally was faking her "fatal" illness?

No. Not at all. As far as I knew, she was dying. People were going to gather around her. The ending, I don’t believe, was fleshed out. Somewhere along the way, they changed their mind. It became a lie. I understand it. But Sally’s a beam of light in a lot of ways. She has a lot of really uplifting qualities. The thought of her going out with a fatal illness was morbid. It’s unfortunate because even the brightest light of people go through dark times. That’s when they truly shine and find their strength. I was looking forward to finding that light. When I found out where it was going, everything had to change it. I had to play it differently.

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Does Hope want to stick around in daytime? The actress revealed,

Yes, I think it’s always an option. If you have a really good story and character… I’d love to have any opportunity wherever it lies and where I can make a difference. If that’s in daytime, great. If it’s on another platform, I’m open to that, too. I know how daytime works. It’s its own wheelhouse and skillset, [and] I’m fortunate enough to have that.