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Linsey Godfrey Remembers Becoming "Bold": "I Was Scared That I Couldn’t Figure It Out”

Linsey Godfrey

Days of Our Lives star Linsey Godfrey (Sarah Horton) admitted that she was a bit apprehensive about joining a soap. In her case, that was The Bold and the Beautiful, on which she played Caroline Spencer Forrester Forrester (Junior) from 2012 to 2018. She spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the role.

Looking back at her B&B audition, she reflected:

I was absolutely sure I wasn’t going to get the part. I called my manager and said, ‘They hated me.’ He said, ‘You’ve got a callback.’ I had never really auditioned for a soap. There’s a cadence with soaps and I was scared that I couldn’t figure it out.

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Not only did Godfrey get the gig, but her character engaged in passionate affairs galore for the next several years. Of her first love scene, she recalled:

It was with Jacob [Young, Rick Forrester]. It was my first love scene ever, and he couldn’t have handled it better. After we did blocking, he took me by the hand and said, ‘We’re going to go over this. I want to make sure you’re super-comfortable.’ He went bit by bit and was like, ‘Are you okay with this? What about this?’ I had on this super-tight red dress with pleather black sleeves. It was a process to get it down because you wanted to do it super-sexy and not just jerk it off.