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Mark Lawson Reveals Why One Life to Live Co-Stars Thought He Was "a Complete Psycho"

General Hospital's Mark Lawson (Dustin) is looking back on his first soap role, ex-Navy SEAL Brody on One Life to Live, with Soap Opera Digest. He opened up about why some of his co-stars found him a bit intimidating at first at his audition.

Of that unusual day, Lawson recalled:

I was in the old [OLTL studio] building on 66th [St.], down in that basement with all of these other dudes, all looking at each other — dudes just scoping each other out. ‘Who’s gonna look the most like an ex-Navy SEAL?’ I remember walking on that set and just feeling, like, electrified. They let me do one take, then Frank [Valentini, then-executive producer, now GH’s EP] came down and gave me some notes and before we did a second take, I was talking to myself, like, ‘You better get this right, right now!’ One of the guys on the crew looked at me and said, ‘You know, Mark, we can hear everything you’re saying.’ I was on set with Farah Fath [ex-Gigi] and it kind of got revealed to me later on that she thought I was a complete psycho because I was so wired up!

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And one of his favorite storylines was a major disaster. Who else remembers Brody and Jessica (Bree Williamson)'s disastrous double wedding with John (Michael Easton) and Natalie (Melissa Archer)? Lawson remembered:

 Can I be honest? What stood out to me about [Brody’s failed double wedding with Jessica, Natalie and John] was feeling like, ‘I’m really part of this cast! I’m involved here.’ We used to kind of mentally break it down into A, B and C storylines. I was like, ‘I’m in an A storyline, and I’m getting married. That’s a big deal!’ But also knowing that was the beginning of the downward spiral for Brody, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna go nuts after this, I’m sure!’