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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Forces His Hand at Deception on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Dante continues to spend time by himself. His doctor stops by to ask why Dante is refusing treatment. Dante says he's still too dangerous to go home and has a time bomb in his head. The doctor says Dante needs to face what happened to him and he's not giving up.

Lulu drops her car off to be fixed by Brando. Cyrus shows up at the garage, and he and Lulu get into it. Lulu is surprised to hear that Cyrus wants to meet with the hospital board.

Lucy, Maxie, and Sasha are happy with the latest Deception photos. Lucy feels they're on schedule for the relaunch. Valentin arrives, telling them he wants Brook Lynn to be the voice of the company. He wants her doing ads and promotions.

Maxie wants nothing to do with Brook Lynn because of her treatment of Lulu. The two argue until Lucy pulls Maxie away. Lucy reminds Maxie they need Valentin's support, so Maxie agrees to work with Brook Lynn. 

Lucy runs into Lulu and mentions how Maxie defended her against Brook Lynn. Lucy believes Dante would want her to be happy. 

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Curtis tries to spend time with TJ, but he's busy at work. Curtis feels TJ needs to get a better schedule because he's working too hard. He wants TJ to put family first. 

Sam wants to thank Carly for agreeing to be Jason's power of attorney. Carly says she wanted to spare Sam. Sam talks about going after Shiloh and how much of a mistake it was. Carly agrees the kids suffer and she's decided to put hers first.

Chase questions Jason again about the explosion at Cyrus' warehouse in February. Jordan interrupts and reminds Chase there is no evidence and to back away from Jason. Jordan tells Jason that she's tired of being Cyrus' puppet. Jason wants her to continue to play along, figuring Cyrus will eventually make a mistake.

Cyrus summons Jordan to meet him. Jordan questions what Cyrus plans are for the hospital.

Jason stops by the garage and Brando tells him about the argument between Cyrus and Lulu. 

Sam says she's glad Jason has Carly. Carly promises that nothing will happen to Jason . . . as we cut to Jason, lying on the road after a motorcycle accident.