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The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case Previews Next Steps in Breast Cancer Storyline

Sharon Case

Sharon Case

The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) is excited to be back on set and back into her character's intense breast cancer journey. She previewed the next twists in the storyline in a chat with TV Insider, including Sharon's former beau Adam (Mark Grossman) learning of her sickness. 

Case reflected on the "Shadam" scenes:

Yes. Right out of the gate, that’s what the fans are going to be able to see. Sharon and Adam haven’t seen each other and hasn’t learned about her cancer. People have been pointing out that they haven’t been in touch.

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Case added:

It was never spelled out why [they hadn’t been in touch]. Actors come up with their reasons and infuse the material with that. 

The actress also foreshadowed:

When we come back, Sharon has just had the surgery [a lumpectomy]. Finally, having the surgery is helping her do well. Her attitude and energy is good. Getting that out of her body is a big step forward. It helps with the healing even though there’s a long road ahead. She had to have treatment before the surgery. That’s got to be a mental setback, while you’re waiting. It’s a huge, positive hurdle for her to have had the procedure. A lumpectomy is a much more minor surgery, of course. That’s been good news.

Y&R returns with new episodes on August 10.