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The Young and the Restless' Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford Tease Upcoming Storylines

Joshua Morrow, Michelle Stafford

The Young and the Restless' Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is back together with  ex Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Their chemistry is as potent as ever, but what do the actors think? Morrow remembered how much he adored their initial hook-up in a discussion with Stafford and Soap Opera Digest's Dishing with Digest podcast.

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He recalled:

It was crazy. It was so awesome. It was, like, such a hot story. It was honestly—that’s when we really told hot triangles and relationships. We were fresh in that day and it was good, man. It was really must- watch television. It was honestly my favorite storyline ever, was when Nick and Phyllis started hooking up and the fallout with Sharon (Sharon Case) of it. It was great, well-written. Awesomely-played triangle.

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What's next for "Phick"? Is Sharon going to threaten their happiness? Stafford said that she doesn't think so, noting:

I think it’s really more interesting than Phyllis just being jealous of Sharon, which, God, I’ve played for five years[....]but I also chose to play that because it was very real when you have an affair—not that I’ve ever done it, but I’ve seen it. When people have affairs and they break up a marriage and then they’re together, the prior wife or the prior husband is always a threat. It’s almost like part of the relationship and because of what went down, I always wanted to add that Phyllis was threatened by Sharon.

She added:

A character has to evolve and so it was like, you can’t keep playing you're jealous of Sharon. The character has to finally evolve. What I think would be interesting is if Sharon and Phyllis actually had a bond of some sort through the cancer storyline.

Listen to the full chat below.