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Perkie's Observations: Carly Holds Jason's Life In Her Hands on General Hospital

Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Cyrus wants more from Jordan, but she says there's only so much she can do. Jordan says she won't be part of his organization. Curtis wants her help, saying Laura's standing in the way of something he wants. Cyrus wants Jordan to vouch for his character with the hospital.

Peter discusses Anna's wedding plans with her. Robert interrupts to question Peter about The Invader's coverage of Holly's death. After Peter leaves, Anna accuses Robert of being mean to Peter and defends her son . . . again. Anna thinks Robert should go to Holly's memorial and grieve properly. 

Sam complains to Carly about Peter, but Carly says he gets a pass because of Anna and Maxie. Carly also believes everything Peter did was because of Faison. Sam believes Peter is responsible for Drew's death and he's still a threat.

Maxie talks to a nurse about needing a pregnancy test, then decides to leave. She runs into Lulu, who convinces her to stay and get the test done. Maxie worries what Peter will say, and what Spinelli and Robert will think. Maxie also worries about her career and whether the timing is wrong. Later, when the two run into Peter, Maxie doesn't tell him why she was at the hospital. 

Sonny stops by the garage to let Brando know Mike's deteriorating. 

Chase updates Curtis on the warehouse explosion and how Jordan told him to back off.

Finn and Portia discuss their daughters. 

Curtis finds Jason sleeping in the road (seriously, he looked like he was taking a nap). Jason is taken to the hospital. Curtis calls Sam to let her know. Carly lets Sonny know, and he heads to the hospital with Brando. 

Curtis questions where Jordan has been all day. 

Cyrus and his minion celebrate Jason's accident.

Liz tells Sam and Carly they're running tests on Jason to check for a brain injury. Peter shows up, pissing off Sam (seriously dude) and Carly tells him to back off. Brando tells Sonny he worked on Jason's bike. 

Finn tells the group that Jason needs immediate surgery.

Carly says she has Jason's power of attorney and signs off on the surgery.