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Tyler Perry Discusses How He Built "Camp Quarantine" to Film Comedy and Soap Alike

Tyler Perry’s comedy Sistas just completed production, thanks to Perry’s scrupulous anti-COVID-19 measures that he dubbed “Camp Quarantine.” Next up? Primetime BET soap The OvalIn an interview with CNN, Perry discussed the rigorous prevention tactics he employed to keep his entire team safe.

He recalled:

We got [cast and crew] down to 360 people, and we all moved in and we just finished our first television show successfully with no positives throughout the quarantine bubble.

According to the article, Perry spared no expense, from rapid testing to private jets, to the tune of $18 million. He added:

When I see those lines in Arizona and other parts of the country where they're waiting 10, 12 hours to get testing, it's heartbreaking to me, because I know that that test -- this antigen test -- is only $23 a kit. Although I'm paying several hundred dollars, the average person cannot afford that. So let's be clear: If that happens, we would step back and shut down, because the important thing is that people are able to get the testing that they need.

Perry noted:

I think that everybody who was here during the filming of 'Sistas' would say that it was a really, really good experience. And you know what they kept saying to me that I thought was really amazing? ...They're saying to me that they feel so safe. 'I feel safe.' And that is what the country has been missing for a long time.

Watch the interview below.