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WATCH: No Dolls or Stand-Ins for The Young and the Restless for Now, Says Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson

The Young and the Restless star Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) appeared on Portland, Oregon's KOIN News' AM Extra, along with Christel Khalil (Lily Winters), to discuss filming during the pandemic. 

It feels good to be back, he said, adding:

It feels great. It feels really wonderful to be back. You know, it’s been a decent amount of time away and we miss everybody, so it’s been really great to see everybody. It’s great to get back to the stage, let’s say, and to do what we love to do and it’s been handled very well and we all feel safe and we’re just excited to bring new episodes to people.

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Although sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful is using stand-ins and mannequins to facilitate love scenes, Thompson said that Y&R hasn't gone down the same route yet.

He shared:

No replacements on our set, no. No mannequins—and, uh, no. I don’t think anybody's doing that yet on ours and I think that, as we go, we’ll figure out how to get more intimate and closer once we continue to kind of—so far, we’re about four or five weeks in so far, and so far everybody’s been safe and it’s been a really positive work experience for everyone….

Watch the discussion below.