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General Hospital's Finola Hughes Helms New IGTV Series "Enter Exit"

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

General Hospital's Finola Hughes is starring in, and directing, a new IGTV thriller series called Enter Exit. The 11-part series also stars a number of her GH co-stars, including Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke), Marc Samuel (Felix), and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (ex-Emma).

She told Soap Opera Digest that COVID-19 quarantine spawned the idea:

Literally the day we shut down [production at GH], I texted [her friend and television scribe] Matt [Boren] and said, ‘Let’s do something! Let’s figure out the camera stuff — what do you want to do?’ I started to think about, if you’re in lockdown, what would be a narrative where you could act in a vacuum, basically? I first started thinking about what my character would be — a retired [government] agent. And then there’s some reason that I’m retired. And I started to think about stationary shots and walking into your closeup and all those kinds of things. I left [the rest] with Matt; it was basically, ‘Whatever he writes, we’ll do.’ And I just sort of concentrated on how, feasibly, we could do it.

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Boren was thrilled to add soap talent, noting:

Finola and I have such a shorthand creatively. And we both love and admire the soaps and soap actors. I always want to create opportunity for actors who are on/ have been on soap operas because I know that they not only work harder than most but that there is so much talent there — look no further than the soaps to find your actors.

Vintage GH inspired them both, he said:

We were absolutely inspired by ’80s GH — the WSB, the espionage and larger than life stories that were so thrilling, and through Devane/Scorpio/Lavery/Donnelly/Jones, so grounded. 

Watch episode one below.