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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Keeps Jugglin' Those Balls on General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

Briana Nicole Henry

Brando tells Sonny that he fixed Jason's bike. Sam gets her panties in a bunch and blames Brando for the accident. Sonny tries to calm her down and Brando swears he didn't mess with the bike. Sam says it's not a coincidence that Brando came to town as Cyrus was making his play. 

After Sam leaves, Sonny questions Brando, but he swears he double checked everything and the bike was fine. Brando doesn't tell him that Cyrus was at the garage. 

Lulu's looking for a scoop about the hospital buyout. She tells Ned that Cyrus put forward a great offer and wonders if ELQ will outbid him. Lulu's worried the board will fall for Cyrus' plan. Ned says he has to talk to the ELQ board. Ned mentions that someone is coming after ELQ. Cyrus runs into them and claims he'll get the hospital board on his side by pointing out his philanthropic goodness. 

Franco checks in with Liz, who's concerned about Jason. He mentions the unveiling of Ava's portrait, but Liz doesn't want to go.

Nikolas runs into Valentin and warns him to stay away from the unveiling. Valentin's not interested. 

Curtis is not happy to hear that Jordan met with Cyrus at his apartment. He thinks they should bring Mac up to speed, but Jordan refuses. Curtis demands to know all her secrets and we see a flashback to a phone conversation between Jordan and someone (likely Taggert, not a spoiler, just speculation on my part).

Jordan says she can't share very much with Curtis for fear that he'll go to Sonny. She doesn't want a mob war and wants to figure another way out. Jordan admits to Curtis that Cyrus wants to clear his reputation. Jordan believes what happened to Jason was a warning. 

Nelle and Julian make a public show of their new marriage. Ava stops by and Nelle spins her a tale, but Julian admits that Nelle is blackmailing him. Ava throws out a veiled threat, but Nelle counters with her own threat against Julian. Ava wonders why Julian hasn't done something to Nelle yet. Julian says once the custody verdict is in, he'll dump her. Ava doesn't think it will be that easy.

Harmony stops by the mansion to congratulate Willow on her wedding and the custody suit. Millow mention they know Harmony is working under Cyrus. Harmony tells Willow to listen to Jason because he'll protect her. Michael gets the call about Jason and the accident.

Jordan holds a press conference, declaring Cyrus an innocent man.

Liz takes Sam to see Jason in the ICU. Sam sits with Jason and tells him not to quit fighting. Felix tells Sam her parole officer is there and she needs to leave.

Sam calls Valentin to meet her at the hospital. Sam accepts Valentin's deal.