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Perkie's Observations: Valentin and Ned Duel at The ELQ Corral on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Sam sits at Jason's bedside. Valentin stops by with papers to sign, which Sam stupidly does. Dolores shows up, telling Sam to get out. The two argue until Dolores' coworker shows up. Dolores is removed from Sam's case. The new parole officer allows Sam to stay with Jason. 

Nelle tells Martin she won't be in court for the ruling. She wants a delay and thinks she'll get it if she pretends she's sick. Martin doesn't agree and wants to ask Michael for shared custody. Nelle fires Martin. 

Martin tries to talk her out of it, but Nelle's not listening. Nelle says she's not planning on paying his bill either because she needs the money to get far away. Martin is surprised to hear she's planning on leaving. Nelle threatens Martin if she loses custody of Wiley. 

Offscreen, Laura is not happy with Jordan for the press conference. TJ asks his mother why she would vouch for Cyrus in public. TJ mentions Cyrus wanting to buy out the hospital. 

Lucy introduces herself to Cyrus and asks for a contribution to the Nurses Ball.

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Curtis warns Cyrus to stay away from Jordan. 

Cyrus summons Jordan and tells her to have Curtis back off. Jordan wonders what Curtis' leverage is. 

Ned tells his family he's calling an emergency ELQ shareholder meeting to bail out the hospital. Ned asks Michael about the kids and their proxies. Michael says Liz gave him Jake's, but he doesn't have Sam's kids.

Brook Lynn wants to leave, but Ned says she needs to vote first. Ned finds out that Maya, Skye, and Lila Rae's shares have been sold. Michael is shocked to hear about the hostile takeover. Valentin shows up and declares he has Danny and Scout's shares. He says he's the one behind the takeover.

Ned wants them to vote to save the hospital. Valentin votes no. Ned votes yes with his and Dillon's shares. Michael votes yes for his, Jake, Monica, and Jason. Brook Lynn says she'd vote yes, but Valentin has her shares. Ned is super angry with Brook Lynn. Valentin says he now owns 50% of ELQ. Olivia says Lucy has the tie breaking vote. Lucy shows up and Ned asks for her vote. 

Jason wakes up from his nap (probably to tell Sam to shut her yap so he can get some sleep!).