CreepySexyCool: Theo is Lurking and Listening on The Young and The Restless

What is Theo's angle?
Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Quasi-Abbott cousin Theo (Tyler Johnson) is on the hunt for a new job on The Young and the Restless. Instead of sprucing up his LinkedIn profile, hiring a headhunter and/or filling out an application to bus tables at The Colonnade Room, the industrious and nosy AF chap decides to lurk about Genoa City listening in on conversations. 

On Monday's show, Theo overheard Billy (Jason Thompson) discussing his and Lily Romalotti's (Christel Khalil) entire editorial strategy and business plan for ChanceComm in public. It's a good thing the late, great John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) left our William a sizable trust fund, huh? The boy ain't got a lick a' sense! 

I'm not sure what to make of this Theo person. Last time I saw him he was letting the cosmetics world's answer to Marvin and Wendy from the old SuperFriends cartoon, Summer (Hunter King) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) trick him into stealing one of Jack's (Peter Bergman) old Power Point presentations at Jabot. He's sexy enough, but Young Mister Theo needs to kick his schemes up a notch if he ever hopes to be inducted into the David Kimble Hall of Shame. 

Melissa Ordway, Michelle Stafford

Melissa Ordway, Michelle Stafford

Elsewhere in the oh-so-cosmopolitan town of Genoa City, Phyllis Romalotti (Michelle Stafford) and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) were waging hotel wars like their surnames were Hilton and Trump. Which vixen do you think will come out on top of Wisconsin's highly competitive luxury hotel market? Watch the recap video below then share your thoughts in the comments!