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LISTEN: Paul Telfer Talks His Approach to Soaps, Teases Xander-Philip Showdown

Paul Telfer

Days of Our Lives' Paul Telfer is steaming up our screens as the dastardly hunk Xander Kiriakis. In a new interview with The Chat podcast, the Emmy nominee took a deep dive into his career and character.

Telfer admitted his attitude to daytime has changed, saying:

I was a bit cocky when I first showed up there. I didn’t particularly want to do a soap opera and had been offered opportunities to do them repeatedly over the years and, in my own snooty way, kind of turned them down or sabotaged them or whatever. And so, by the time DAYS came around and the timing was perfect, I liked the character and it all kind of made sense to do, I kind of waltzed in there, thinking, 'I’m such a good actor. I’ve done all these primetime things and blah blah blah and London, the BBC,' and very quickly realized how difficult it actually is to do anything remotely natural under the circumstances.

What about those recent red-hot love scenes with Sarah (Linsey Godfrey)? Telfer dished:

It was spicier than I remembered it being. Linsey and I were both like, 'Phew.'

He also teased a potential battle with his cousin Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), divulging:

From the moment he turns up, Xander’s like [hisses], like, 'Who is this?' Because basically Xander finally gets everything he’s ever—he gets all of it in a big bow, like everything he’s ever wanted—and then Philip shows up and it’s like [gasps]. It just immediately undercuts and makes his position in the family unstable all over again, because now here’s another prodigal scion of the Kiriakis clan waltzing back in to take what Xander feels is rightfully his. 

Telfer himself shared on Twitter:

Listen to the full Chat below.