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Perkie's Observations: The Role of Wiley's Parents Will Now Be Played By . . . On General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Chloe Lanier

Lucy wants a moment with Valentin before casting her vote, but he refuses. Ned says the hospital is at stake. Lucy decides to vote with Valentin and against the hospital. Valentin says he wants to vote in a new CEO, namely himself. 

Ned confronts Brook Lynn. She claims he refused to help her so she had to go elsewhere. Ned kicks her out, saying she's no longer welcome in the Quartermaine house. 

Jason wakes up. Sam explains to him that he had an accident and Carly gave her consent for surgery. Jason says he doesn't remember falling off the bike.

Jason wonders why Sam is at his bedside and Sam explains about the change in her parole officer. Sam admits she turned to Valentin. Jason's not happy with what she did, despite Sam's assertions that everything will be fine. Jason says the Quartermaines wouldn't want anyone butting in.

Nina's still concerned about testifying against Nelle, but Jax reassures her. Jax tells her not to blame or doubt herself. Nina mentions her missing daughter and Jax tells her to continue looking. Nina talks about the necklace, so Jax offers to have his jeweler take a look to see if she knows who made it. 

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Lucy's angry with Valentin for putting her in this position. The two run into Jax and Nina. Valentin is quick to let Nina know that he's the new CEO of ELQ. Jax wonders what Valentin has over Lucy that she would vote with Valentin. 

Mike tells Sonny that he's ready to go home. Felix figures he means Turning Woods and makes the arrangements. (Mike is awfully spry for someone who stopped eating for several days. Writers, if you're doing a story about Alzheimer's, please get it right so that those of us who've been through it don't feel like punching you all in the throat).

At the courthouse, Willow worries she and Michael will lose custody to Nelle. Nelle petitioned the court to get a closed hearing, meaning Carly is not allowed in. Carly argues, but gets kicked out anyway. Willow offers to sit with Carly.

Due to Nelle's manipulative ways, the judge awards Michael full custody of Wiley. He also terminates Nelle's visitation. Nelle tries to convince the judge to her side, but he's having none of it. Nelle confronts Michael and insists she'll always be a part of Wiley's life. Willow says she feels sorry for Nelle. 

Carly tells Nelle that she doesn't know how to parent because of the way she was raised. Nelle says all she wanted was a spot in her son's life. Carly blames Nelle for everything that's happened. 

Millow pop by the hospital to let Sonny and Mike know the verdict. Carly joins them and everyone breaks their arms patting themselves on the back. 

Nelle checks her tracker and gets ready to grab Wiley.