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"The Doctors" Is Going Under the Knife and Getting a New Focus

Medical talk show The Doctors is getting a facelift, Deadline announced. The thirteenth season of the chatfest will debut on September 21, complete with a new format and just one host: Dr. Ian Smith. Production is set to resume this month, shot in a "state-of-the-art East Coast studio."

The focus is moving away from a live studio audience to a more intimate format. The new theme is “Take Your Power Back,” aiming to "provide ongoing tips and solutions to get Americans into fighting shape physically, mentally and emotionally." 

Smith said in a statement:

This is an unprecedented time, and people are looking for the latest in updates delivered in an easy to understand format, and The Doctors is the perfect place to help us all take control of our lives. Helping people learn how to be the best versions of themselves is a personal passion of mine, and I am excited to bring viewers unbiased information and facts, free of any political slant, to help them take their power back.

Executive producer Jay McGraw added:

Trustworthy and straightforward medical news has never been more important. The Doctors recognizes the opportunity to support our viewers and deliver the content they’re looking for and deserve to get. Dr. Ian and our award-winning team coming together for season 13 are focused on being an empowering resource of news, solutions and inspiration to stay healthy and become stronger than ever.”