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The Young and the Restless' Michael Mealor and Hunter King Discuss "Skyle" Fandom, Babies, and Takeovers

Michael Mealor, Hunter King

The Young and the Restless stars Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) and Hunter King (Summer Newman) are moved by how much fans are all about their onscreen pairing, "Skyle." The two spoke with Soap Opera Digest recently, where they discussed how they were blown away by the fan reception on their coupling. 

DIGEST: Are you surprised by how invested the fans are in “Skyle”? 

MEALOR: I’m always flattered with how much the fans are invested. For birthdays and holidays and just random times, we receive the sweetest packages, like cupcakes and flowers, from  them. 

KING: We’re like, “Really? For us? We’re nothing special,” so it’s very flattering. They’re so kind and thoughtful, but I get it. I’m a crazy FRIENDS fan and that is not Jennifer Aniston, that is Rachel Green!

The actors also have some ideas on what's the next step for the two characters, who are a part of Genoa City's powerful and elite families. According to King,

KING: I want them to have a baby. I just want to work with a baby on set! 

MEALOR: I’m the complete opposite.

 KING: Oh, crap. What were you gonna say?

MEALOR: Mine was just that they have a devious side and plan a huge takeover of something. 

KING: Oh, yeah. Cool. Totally. Forget about a baby!

They can do both, no? Their families did.