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Thorsten Kaye Says He's "Trying to Figure Out" Ridge's Ambiguous Feelings for Shauna

Thorsten Kaye

The Bold and the Beautiful star Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) is trying to figure out exactly how his character feels about his brand-new bride, Denise Richards' Shauna Fulton. 

The actor previewed a complex love quad with TV Insider:

I guess this is what I'm trying to figure out as well! I don't think Ridge should feel about her a certain way because Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] did something [wrong]. I hope that there's going to be that moment in time where [Ridge and Shauna] just get to know each other. I'm not sure where she fits in Ridge's life but she seems nice enough and she's not sniffing around Bill Spencer [Don Diamont], so that's good news!

Can we expect to see more Ridge vs. Bill? Kaye shared:

Of course, of course. And the only good thing about that is, I don't know if you know about all that kissing stuff that comes up, because we can't kiss. So Denise Richards has her husband [Aaron Phypers] come in to do those scenes and that guy is a beast. I don't know how many hours a day he goes to the gym, but I'm glad he does because if they're doing just neck down, I'm perfectly fine with that. And also if there's any kind of fight scene, I'm going to suggest just for safety issues that he should go after Bill. That's my idea.