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Katy Perry Doubles Down on Her Support for Ellen DeGeneres

Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres

Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres

Katy Perry is defending her defense of Ellen DeGeneres. In a new profile in The Los Angeles Times, the pregnant pop star shared her thoughts.

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Perry said:

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I started that tweet off not undermining anyone else’s experience. I wanted to only speak from my own experience. I have over 100 million people that follow me on Twitter, so not everyone is going to agree with me. And I’m not here to make everyone agree with me.

Perry said she did not feel comfortable speaking out on issues of toxicity in the past, being "the one woman that is against women" in the Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald-Kesha court battle. In that instance, the latter, a singer, sued the former, a producer with whom both she and Perry worked, over multiple allegations of abuse; he counter-sued. 

The "California Girls" singer added:

“I knew both of them at the time. It sucks when you know both of the players. I can only speak for my own experience, and my own experience [with Gottwald] was a healthy one. I believe in due process. And I also believe that only they know the truth.