The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott Recalls Stabbing Clint Eastwood On Movie Set

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Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott

The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) is not only a daytime veteran; she's also an entertainment industry veteran! Her vaunted career has seen her work with some of Hollywood's biggest stars - she even almost assumed the role of Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch - but one of her more peculiar scenes came with A-lister Clint Eastwood.

Scott told Yahoo! Entertainment how she, at age 13, filmed a scene in The Beguiled. Eastwood took on the role of a dead soldier and she was one of a group of girls sewing him into his shroud. For some reason, though, a young MTS decided to take a poke at Eastwood, who was "playing dead." 

Using a "long, extremely thick, authentic Civil War sewing needle," Scott said she took a jab at Eastwood: 

I cannot explain what went through my mind, but I couldn’t resist it. He certainly didn’t deserve it because he was so sweet to us kids. Every morning, he’d come out of his [trailer] and give us all a kiss on the cheek. I mean: Clint Eastwood... Oh my god. We just adored him. I sat there for a few minutes thinking: Oh, no, I can’t do that. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. Oh, yes, I can! And I did it.

No one on set identified the future Nikki Newman as the culprit, but MTS added that she thought he knew when they ran into one another at a 2004 awards ceremony:

He just gave me that kind of wry look — that Eastwood look — like you never know exactly what he’s thinking. He never really said in words, ‘You’re forgiven.’ But at least I got that off my chest and he — and most of Hollywood — knew I did that.”